In the UK, parents frequently say that antenatal classes are the only option to meet with other local new parents. But this is about to change with the arrival of ParentsNearby.

ParentsNearby is the first mobile app to connect local like-minded parents with children of similar age and with connections and interests in common on Facebook and LinkedIn.

It was a lot of work to meet other new parents when I had my baby, but the app can really help” Mum from North London

NCT needs challenging as the sole friend provider for new parents – Innovation expert in the UK

What I like most about the app is how obvious it is and immediately you think ‘why on earth didn’t I come up with that  Dad-to-be from East London

We were struck that NCT is basically the only way to meet other parents”  Dad from South London

This week ParentsNearby reached 30+ cities in the UK! Invite your neighbours with children to join on