A SURVIVAL GUIDE TO YOUTH SOCCER (For Parents and New Coaches)

Welcome to the site for From Confused Soccer Parent to Confident Coach.

This site and the book will entertain you and provide you with information on how to approach youth soccer both as a soccer parent and aspiring coach.  The information provided on this site is a sampling of material included in the book. In the book, I go into much more detail about things such as:  Competitive vs Recreational Soccer; Sportsmanship;  Managing Injuries; and include the story of my competitive girls team Heatwave from U-10 to U-16.

I will provide you with ideas, information and insight on the things that no one tells you when you sign up your child for soccer or yourself as a soccer coach.

This book will help you become the next coach of the USA National Team on its way to the World Cup, but it will help you getting started in the world of coaching youth soccer, or just being an informed soccer parent if that is all you want.

I rely on my 18 years of experience as a soccer parent, assistant coach, coach, referee, and administrator as a well of information to help you avoid the pitfalls of parenting a soccer player, being a coach, and to fully enjoy the experience youth soccer can offer.

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